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Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

MATGARAK welcomes you, and MATGARAK'S team thanks you for your trust in our E-commerce platform, we always strive to preserve the information of merchants and consumers according to the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information so please read the following rules "Privacy Policy and confidentiality of information" to understand how we use the personal information we ask you to provide.

Privacy policy

Please be aware that the data and information obtained by MATGARAK, whether (personal - company - customer) are important data for us, and to protect your privacy we provide this detailed statement to explain how we use information on the Internet to clarify and determine the mechanism of confidentiality and privacy in MATGARAK E-commerce platform, and we share it with you as you subscribe to MATGARAK and establish your online store all your information is subject to this policy.

- Personal information of the consumer (name, email, national ID or residence number) - Personal information of the merchant (such as name, age, email, national ID or residence number) - Information about the store (legal entity, the number of the commercial registration and a copy of the commercial register). - Personal login information of the online store, such as username, password, email, password retrieval question and answer

Store revenue, goods or services information

- We are always up to date with the revenue generated in the store, because the merchant uses the payment gateways provided by MATGARAK - We are aware of the type of goods or services offered in the store platform - We are aware of the performance of stores in case of need to support or advice and guidance to merchants or stores to help them and improve their performance

Information of consumers or merchant customers store

MATGARAK strives to maintain the quality of the stores' work, improve the quality of their business, they constantly informed about the number of store consumers, customers and segments.

Sharing information about stores and merchants

MATGARAK seeks to retain this information in a way that preserves the privacy of the merchant, we do not retain this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the platform and the quality of the work of stores and to facilitate the work of merchants and stores. - As a general rule, all this information is only accessed by some of those in charge after obtaining a permission to see it by the senior management - usually the permit is specific, restricted and subject to legal and administrative control - and this information will not be published or transmitted to others - Since MATGARAK seeks to preserve the safety of stores and the rights of merchants, - in case of observing any irregular or illegal activity carried out by the merchant we apply the terms and provisions of the use agreement and since we seek as much as possible to maintain the safety of the stores we may share any of this information with the competent authorities To take the necessary action against the offending merchant or store, in order to protect the platform of MATGARAK and the rest of the merchants, stores and consumers from any legal liability that may arise On the Platform or on one of its users as a result of this illegal or irregular activity. - The merchant who initiates the registration of his store with the platform of MATGARAK by the success partners gives the success partner through whom he registered the right to see all the information about the merchant and his store

How secure is the confidentiality of information about merchants, consumers or stores

- MATGARAK platform seeks to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the users of the platform, and since the privacy policy of merchants or stores will not violate the provisions of the use agreement or the privacy policy and confidentiality of information. However, since this cannot be guaranteed 100% in the Internet space, MATGARAK's team notes the following: - We seek to preserve all information about the stores and not to be seen by anyone in violation of the applicable policy - We work to protect the information of merchants and stores under high quality electronic and technical protection systems and updated continuously and periodically. However, since the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% because of the penetration or viruses that may occur on the electronic security systems and on the firewalls in force in MATGARAK, we advise merchants to keep their information strictly confidential, and not to disclose any information that the merchant deems very important to him, and this is out of the keenness of MATGARAK platform to protect and guide merchants and stores.

Strategic and Logistics Services (Third Party Services)

The Merchant acknowledges with his full and undue knowledge that if he applies to subscribe to a service provided by a third party, he grants full and complete permission to the platform of MATGARAK to provide the service provider with the data of the merchant, store or user subscribed to the service provider, such as: username - personal phone - email - ID or residence number - home address, and other information needed by the service provider (third party). This is so that the service provider (third party) can provide the requested service to which the user subscribed.

Terms and Conditions of Use

All the obligations of MATGARAK platform, all the obligations of merchants, and all the rights contained in the relationship between the merchant and MATGARAK platform, are here, as these rules are the "privacy policy and confidentiality of information" and emanate from the agreement concluded between the merchant and the platform of MATGARAK when establishing the store, and have developed a privacy policy and confidentiality of information to ensure the credibility and trust that MATGARAK platform is keen to provide to merchants.